Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer It Doesn't Take A
Rocket Scientist
To Figure This One Out.
Non - Alcohol
Eliminates 99.99% of harmful, disease causing germs and bacteria.
means Non - Flammable
Delivers fast-acting efficacy against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including
GentleCare Alcohol Free
MRSA, VRE, E-Coli and the spore-forming C-DIFF bacteria.
Alcohol free hand sanitizer - Will not
Foaming Hand and Skin Sanitizer
Non-flammable - Use in patient rooms or ideal for hallways and public areas. Formulated with MicroDerm Technology
Will not dry out or irritate skin, even with repeated use. Improves skin condition. Locking Wall Dispenser
Fragrance free & Dye free, no unpleasant odors or staining.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you do not like it, send it back for a full refund.
Available in 3 sizes.
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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer
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